Dr. Pets, that's my name, that name again is Dr. Pets.
"Snorting the occasional vial of stem cells."
Our moment! I'm so concerned about our moment.
A long jaunt through our personal art histories.
Newly discovered tabs of variable quality.
A damp, drizzly November of the soul? In this economy?
I help boss babes level up their business by mastering raw beef liver and breast milk ice cream.
Got a tab? Leave a tab. Need a tab? Take a tab.
"What an arbitrage!"
Gwen Stefani's culty apps gave us all a menty b, and the uWu-ification of militarism mobilizes the simps.
Rehabbe Krooks, frostbit todger, hammy woo-woo, peach honking, and maxmaxxing. I'm just making random sounds at this point.
New female M&M packs feature the "M" printed upside down to honor Women.