What is Tabs?

Every civilized weekday (i.e. Mon-Thu, Fridays by appointment only) Today in Tabs contains a lot of internet, compressed as tightly as I can get it. Links to whatever I read in the last day or so that I loved or hated, updates on the ongoing media fiasco of the moment, #newsbiz gossip, a bit of tech criticism, opaque jokes, running bits, and at least one musical number. Here’s the backstory, and we’ve been covered in NiemanLab, The Observer, and Politico. Was Tabs one of the newsletters that helped legitimize email newsletters in the early 2010s and thus led directly to the current newsletter boom? That’s not really for me to say.

Who are we?

I’m Rusty Foster, I’ve been on the internet for too long and started Tabs in 2013 as a bit. I have arguably taken the bit too far. You can find me on Bluesky at @rusty.todayintabs.com or email at [email protected]. I write most of the newsletter, assisted occasionally by monthly Interns and most days by Music Intern Sam Gavin. Our graphics department is Senior Managing Editor for Graphics Alison Headley and Senior Junior Graphics Intern Garrett Miller. The Subscriber Discord is steered by Discord Moderation Intern Jane Davis.