New Year, New Platform

There's a buzz in our backend

I said I’d do it and I did it, so Today in Tabs is finally free of Our Former Regrettable Platform, who did not become any less regrettable over the holidays. “Substack Says It Will Not Ban Nazis or Extremist Speech” reported Eduardo Medina in the New York Times, quoting soon to be former Substack writer Rudy Foster:

Some popular writers on the platform have already promised to leave. Rudy Foster, who has more than 40,000 subscribers, wrote on Dec. 14 that readers often tell her they “can’t stand to pay Substack anymore,” and that she feels the same.

“So here’s to a 2024 where none of us do that!” she wrote.

Honestly, faced with the prospect of a high stakes game of “don’t accidentally delete your whole income over the holidays,” this bitch right here was starting to waver a little bit, so she is glad to have been publicly held to her word like that.

Uh, Update:

I feel like we barely got to know Rudy before she was snatched away from us. 😢 

Anyway, resolve freshly stiffened, I spent the rest of the break extracting Tabs from the Nazi bar and setting up our new home here on Beehiiv. Yesterday on a Google Meet Beehiiv CEO Tyler Denk effortlessly cleared the lowest bar in content moderation by saying with his own voice “Nazis are banned.” He didn’t even appear to be sweating. And he said that goes for anti-trans content as well! It was wild seeing a tech executive just casually making the right decisions one after another.

So now we can finally kick off 2024 with the most boring imaginable newsletter:

Some New Platform Housekeeping

I hate writing this even more than you hate reading it. But you have questions, and I can’t answer you each one at a time, as much as I’d like to. So let’s do this in a slightly more efficient way. I’ll pretend to be you, and ask some questions I think you might have, and then answer them.

Am I still subscribed?

If you got this in your email, then yes.

If you did not get this in your email, then… maybe? If you’re not sure, email me and let me know what address you should be subscribed with, and I’ll see what’s up.

Where can I find Tabs on the world wide web now?

It’s still at and you can log in to manage your emails or paid subscription at Sometimes the so called “magic link” to log in takes a while to show up, or goes to your spam, or never arrives at all. If it’s been more than ten minutes and you haven’t gotten a login link, ask for a new one. That seems to be working for people so far.

I was a paid subscriber before, am I still?

Yes, probably. We migrated the paid subscriptions and most of them came over just fine. There have been some hiccups so let’s take advantage of a nifty Beehiiv feature where I can show specific pieces of the newsletter to free readers only or paid readers only and do a quick:

 🔥🔥🔥 Premium Subscription Heat Check 🔥🔥🔥

If you’re a premium subscriber, you will see a picture of a gorgeous T. Rex with full, plump, bee-stung lips below:

Aww, no T. Rex! Sad trombone.

If you were not a paid subscriber before, this is the kind of cretacious booty you’re missing out on. Why not upgrade now, since it’s just you paying me for silly images and not a whole political calculation anymore? I’d be very grateful and you will probably not regret it.

If you were a paid subscriber before, it appears something has gone awry in the migration. It’s ok, I have records of everything, and ways of fixing this. Just hit reply to this email and let me know your subscription went AWOL and we’ll figure it out.

Boy I hope that worked. We’re all learning so much.

I have another question that you didn’t answer.

I love to answer questions. Hit reply (or email me if you’re reading this on the web) and ask your question, and I will either answer it or figure out who we both need to ask. If you’re the type that loves to look at help desk info yourself, Beehiiv’s support hub is right here, and you can submit help tickets directly if you want. It’s kind of aimed at people running newsletters rather than reading them though, so by all means just ask me and I can get in touch with them if I need to.

That’s it, real newsletter coming tomorrow.

Ok I’m gonna send this and we’ll see how much a fiasco that turns out to be. Thank you for reading Tabs and especially for sticking with me through this migration and worst of all possible newsletter types, the Housekeeping FAQ. You don’t deserve this kind of punishment. Back to normal Tabs tomorrow.

And one last time, if you weren’t subscribed before: