In which we explain why this is so late.
Dr. Pets, that's my name, that name again is Dr. Pets.
"Snorting the occasional vial of stem cells."
Our moment! I'm so concerned about our moment.
A long jaunt through our personal art histories.
Newly discovered tabs of variable quality.
A damp, drizzly November of the soul? In this economy?
I help boss babes level up their business by mastering raw beef liver and breast milk ice cream.
Got a tab? Leave a tab. Need a tab? Take a tab.
"What an arbitrage!"
Gwen Stefani's culty apps gave us all a menty b, and the uWu-ification of militarism mobilizes the simps.
Rehabbe Krooks, frostbit todger, hammy woo-woo, peach honking, and maxmaxxing. I'm just making random sounds at this point.