Open Thread: Punk's Not Dead

We rebuild what you destroy

If you haven’t seen the clips going around yet, meet The Linda Lindas. Variety’s Haley Bosselman explains why we’re all talking about them today:

The Los Angeles Public Library kicked off its celebration of AAPI Heritage Month on May 4, in line with its “TEENtastic Tuesdays,” with a performance from youthful Los Angeles band The Linda Lindas.

But it wasn’t until today that their set exploded over social media when the LAPL posted their performance of “Racist Sexist Boy” to its social accounts. “Song of the day!,” Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello proclaimed on Twitter. And just because the drummer donned a Bikini Kill t-shirt, the riot grrrl band’s name was trending.

Here’s the whole LAPL concert:

The Linda Lindas are four girls between 10 and 16 who have already played with Best Coast and opened for Bikini Kill. The vibe is very Tuscadero, a little bit “tween Raveonettes,” and a lot of L7. They’re in Amy Poehler’s Netflix movie “Moxie,” doing a very credible cover of ur-riot grrrl anthem “Rebel Girl.”

“But do they have a self-titled EP?” I hear you asking. “And does it absolutely rip?”Yes, and yes! Here it is on Spotify:

And on Bandcamp:

And just for the heck of it, here they are covering The Muffs “Big Mouth” in 2019:

In conclusion: I love them.

It’s an open thread! Also I made a playlist of all the songs of the day so far, which you can find here if you want. I’m pretty biased but I like it a lot. What’s your song of the day? Hit the 💬 and share your jams.

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