Friday Open Thread: Who's the Good Boy

Also: always look in the hole.

In The Washington Post, Steven Wright wrote about @CanYouPetTheDog and pettable pups in video games (and yes, you can pet the dog in this article). I’ve watched this gif 700,000 times today and I’m not done yet.

Bad Dog,” a New Yorker story by Anna Heyward, is kind of about a time she loved a dog but couldn’t find a way to live with him, and kind of about how people and animals live together or fail to, and kind of about how there are no good or bad dogs but what we make. It’s not easy to summarize without making it sound sort of boring, but it isn’t.

And finally in Haines, Alaska, recently the scene of the great Hammer Museum heist, Shannon Stevens learned the number one rule of outhouses which is: ALWAYS LOOK IN THE HOLE. There is a bear involved. Always look in the hole.

If you subscribe, the comments are open. I have two questions today:

  1. How are you? No, but, how are you really?

  2. What was the best novel you read recently?

Happy Friday, everyone. Somehow, you made it.