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What Is The Apocalypse, If Not Institutions Failing To Persevere?

Put up your Dukes

Maggie Haberman reported that “the Republican National Committee says it will require candidates to pledge to not participate in debates run by the Commission on Presidential Debates.”1 “While the eventual nominee could decide to debate,” she points out, “there’s far more energy in the G.O.P. base behind abandoning institutions than there used to be.” In Vox, Alissa Wilkinson followed up her 2020 “syllabus for the end of the world” with a new “syllabus for a new world” that asks: “When the world ends, what happens next?” I enjoyed reading it but it feels a little premature to ask what happens next, here in the middle of “during.” What is the apocalypse, after all, if not institutions failing to persevere?

And if some of us are energetically abandoning institutions, those who’d like to keep the institution of democracy find the institution of the Senate abandoning us, in the person of manic pixie nightmare Kyrsten Sinema who supports the bill to protect voting rights, but does not support allowing that bill to pass. The institution of the British monarchy has abandoned Prince Andrew to defend himself from Virginia Giuffre’s Epstein-related sexual assault lawsuit. “With the Queen’s approval and agreement, The Duke of York’s military affiliations and royal patronage have been returned to the Queen,” and it doesn’t sound like he’ll be getting a refund. The BBC has abandoned the institution of truth, reports Guardian media editor Jim Waterson. “[BBC director of editorial policy David] Jordan said everyone should expect their views to be appropriately represented by the national broadcaster – even if they believe the Earth is flat.” Is it journalism’s job to report what’s true? Reached for comment, BBC global news editor @dril told Today in Tabs:

Coachella has abandoned rock music. The FDA has abandoned French dressing. Even Eric Adams is wavering on his commitment to the institution of nepotism. But in this litany of institutional failure, is there any certainty left? My friends, I have some good news. No matter how chaotic things get, we can be certain that Tesla will never hit a production date.

…as well as research, plan, and source all content, recruit and hire staff, and manage all training. No pay rate is listed. Good luck!

Erin Marquis made a compelling case in Jalopnik that those drive-through “pay it forward” chains are some worker-hostile bullshit and the correct thing to do if you find yourself in one is take your free coffee, tip the server generously, and end it.

Bank CEO Richard Handler says being bullied profoundly impacted his life” and here is Matt Levine, still doing it:

The delightful Hanya Yanagihara discourse continues. The Washington Post’s Ron Charles liked the new book. Slate’s Laura Miller did not like it (and pointed out that “A Little Life” is basically hurt/comfort fanfic). But in Jezebel Becca Schuh said Let Hanya Be Weird: “Goodbye to good taste, hello to being an art monster.”

In Conclusion: Meat Spill. Looks offal.

Today’s Song: 1000 Homo DJs, “Supernaut (Trent Reznor vocal version)

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