Roll That Beautiful Big Boy Boat Footage

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It’s Thursday, assistant secretary for health Dr. Rachel Levine is the United States’s first Senate-confirmed openly transgender official, and we’ve finally got some dramatic Big Boy Boat footage:

Look at the size of that lad! Majestic. Sean O'Kane helps us all rubberneck. Bloomberg has more on the salvage operations, and the fun detail that “the best chance for freeing the ship may not come until Sunday or Monday, when the tide will reach a peak.” Even that may be optimistic, as salvors have begun to use the word “weeks.” I hope it never ends, and I’m not the only one who ‘ships Ever Given / Suez. Tabs Senior Maritime Salvage Witch Jessie Guy-Ryan suggests we simply cut a big hole in the boat and let the other boats drive through it. Meanwhile, Elon Musk has an idea:

Also Today in Oopsies: 

uNForTunately: Both of the New Yorks Time had NFT columns yesterday. News’s tech columnist Kevin Roose did basically the same “buy this column” stunt as Quartz, but it does have one of the clearest descriptions I’ve seen of how an NFT is minted. It sold for over $500,000. Good lord, do I have to mint a Tabs? For my kids’ future? Stay tuned. Meanwhile Opinion’s tech columnist Charlie Warzel’s “What Are You Paying for When You Buy a GIF for $25,000?” has a little more of that distinctive “Opinion desk editing a tech story” flavor. Today the Verge’s Jacob Kastrenakes points out one of the core problems with what is supposedly a distributed, zero-trust proof of ownership scheme: “NFTs are fundamentally built on trust.” Create your own incredibly valuable digital art with the Beeple Generator.

Today in Substack: Grace Lavery got a Pro deal: “Graham Linehan Should Be Kicked Off Substack.” My own personal view is: Graham Linehan should be kicked off Substack. Also Pro: Ashley Feinberg. Staying: Aminatou Sow. Leaving: Emily Gould. Incoming: everyone from MEL Magazine, probably.

Leslie Jones live-tweeted the Snyder Cut, and it is much better than watching the Snyder Cut. The horny emergency continues: “Horny folks told Insider they're ready for "ho phases," no underwear in public, and spontaneous dates.Bloomberg News call me. 📞

Today’s Stream: Uighur lofi hip hop chill music (thx Ryan Broderick!)

~ Tab news on the doorstep, I couldn't take one more step ~

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