Tabs Classic™: Yes or No

11-18-2013 / I got a lot of replies with the word "Batman" that day, just fyi.

I’m still on vacation, but due to the ongoing supply chain issues here is another Tabs Classic™, from way back on November 18th, 2013. Tabs had existed for less than two months at this point and it was still quite rudimentary. I was already writing about Bitcoin, but I guess I wasn’t bolding names or writing good jokes yet. I’ll be back with fresh modern Tabs on Monday. —Rusty

It's Monday, and Bitcoin is at $666 as I write this. Imagine if you had bought $100 worth just 3 short years ago, when it was first mentioned on Slashdot and worth $0.008 per bitcoin. The 12,500 btc you could have bought that day are now worth $8,325,000.1 Let's all just cry together for a little while.

Yes, ok, Qatar's new stadium totally looks like a vagina. You're all 12 years old and what is this.

Tabs In The News (totally shameless, and also oddly pointless since you're obviously already subscribed? But WHATEVER I got mentioned so hey.)

Let's Play Yes/No: Brooklyn Witches: No. Kanye at the Harvard graduate school of design: Yes. Ames & Levine on Pierre Omidyar: lolno. Seattle elects a Socialist: YESSSS. Vogt and Maureen O'Connor on Lulu: Hell yes. Blinky the crab: NO! Michael Cera in Shouts: slow build to OMG YES. Parade of National Costumes: please be yes please be yes please be yes OH GODDAMMIT NO. Hundreds of Lost Indie Bands Found in Camden Lock: so much yes. Florida nude beaches: no, never, not even once. Chef Boyardee vs. The Volcano: delicious. Exploding sinkhole: in case your regular sinkhole didn't already provide enough no. ASMR: whispers no this is the worst and dumbest thing. Oh, Portland: maybe? Sweaters are nice. Rob Ford, The Opera: I... don't... know?

Twitter bot impresario and automated content maven Darius Kazemi responded to NaNoWriMo with "National Novel Generating Month" (NaNoGenMo), for less bespoke literary production, and Leonard Richardson's entries are awesome. Please enjoy "Alice's Adventures in the Whale" and "Through the Prejudice Glass".

If this live-tweeted breakup is real, it's very funny. If it's not real, then it's a sick, cynical mockery of the tedious predictability of all of our human relations, so therefore still pretty damn funny.

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~I will show you fear in a handful of tabs.~

Thanks this week to Senior Tabs Literary Quotations Researcher Silvia Killingsworth

If you read all the way down here please hit reply and type the word "batman. Thanks. You were always my favorite reader.

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