Tabcels vs. Take Rotators

All the bad business men, Today in Keebs, and a Chotining for the record books.

Financial Times took a salmon dive into Axel Springer’s attempted Julian Reichelt sexual misconduct cover-up, and it’s well-reported but pretty dry until near the end:

Axel Springer said it had “clear indications” that third parties attempted to oust the editor and harm the company, “including a list of persons named by Julian Reichelt”.

The FT could not establish that any of the women who spoke out against Reichelt had specific political motivations or deliberately gave false testimony. All of them denied that their involvement was orchestrated by “men behind the scenes”.

“The fact these Springer executives see this as a political conspiracy, driven by men, is the whole problem,” said one woman who complained about Reichelt.

Slurping up all that handwater must have made for a juicy roast when Peloton investor Blackwells Capital torched him in the most savage Powerpoint I’ve ever seen.

Along with Chief Wet Boy Foley, who will waft peacefully into the “executive chairman” throne, Peloton is also firing 2,800 employees, some of whom only found out when they suddenly lost access to the company Slack according to CNBC’s Lauren Thomas. Don’t worry though, in Insider Ben Gilbert reported that as part of their severance package everyone gets a free year of Peloton, and plenty of free time to use it I guess.

Future New Zealand refugee and Dorian Gray sans portrait Peter Thiel will quit the Facebook board in order to devote all of his energy to fascism. And in a Chotining for the record books, Isaac Chotiner sets Vicky Ward’s credibility on fire by asking “Why Didn’t Vanity Fair Break the Jeffrey Epstein Story?

I asked Ward if she had proof of her claims, and she forwarded me several e-mails between her and Vanity Fair’s editors, and also what she said was her first draft. They directly contradicted what she had told me.

If Isaac Chotiner ever asks to interview you… say no? I mean not me, I have nothing to hide, but all these other people, I just don’t understand it. Anyway Vicky Ward: welcome to Substack. Gawker decided to tell everyone how to get Kyrsten Sinema’s social security number for some reason, along with reporting on her utterly uninteresting 1999 divorce agreement. “First as Hulk Hogan, then as farce,” as they say. And I think she’s right but that doesn’t mean I won’t blame Alison Willmore when “Don’t Look Up” wins best picture.

Servicey: “How to transfer playlists from Spotify to Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, or Tidal.” Drunk with attention, Neil Young badly overreaches in an attempt to get Boomers to care about “the mass fossil fuel destruction of Earth” or anything else. “Elmo no want to put hand in box.” Today in keebs (this one’s for the discord). Dear Prudie:

My uncle “Bill” adopted me several years ago and we lived together. I have a relationship with him like a father and a son. Bill retired last year and decided to move to a retirement community. He gave me our house as my own, and he gave away a bunch of his other possessions at a big party. In addition to the house, he gave me a really nice ring...

Matthew Gault isn’t to blame but his explainer on Wordcels vs. Shape Rotators will make you dumber. Charlie Wordcel wrote about this meme too but I can’t convince The Atlantic’s adamantium paywall that I’m a subscriber so I’m not sure what he had to say about it. Facebook’s metaverse created a four foot anti-groping cylinder before they managed to create legs. Crypto attempts to invent regulation. And Rebecca Jennings wrote about “money as a hobby,” connecting crypto, sports betting, and retail stock trading together as the one thing they all are, which is gambling.

Finally: If you want a picture of the future, imagine Instacart delivering to a GoPuff warehouse—forever.

Today’s Song: Fugazi, “Waiting Room” (this 1988 live version is incredible too)

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