The "No True Poster" Fallacy

Jobs come and go, but posting is forever.

“Are there no true posters left?” lamented the only survivor of The Wreck of the Edmund Intercept Ryan Grim yesterday in Playbook, mourning posterdom’s loss of Neera Tanden who is leaving think-tank Twitter to get an actual job. Gina Carando posted her way off “The Mandalorian” as well as out of whole Disney spinoff series and her UTA representation. And Nadire Atas, a Toronto woman who, according to Kashmir Hill, weaponized online reputation extortion services like Ripoff Report, has been arrested and “charged with crimes including harassment and libel.”

While uppance has come for some posters, and others have debased themselves apologizing to Senator Leghorn of Louisiana for perfectly good shitposts, there are still some true posters left. Never forget about Herman Cain, who is setting a new standard for “tweeting through it,” where “it” is “death,” or Seth Abramson, the index case for Twitter Morgellons, profiled today in CJR by Lyz Lenz. And Alexander Nazaryan, who volunteered to be today’s villain by reminiscing about how exciting it was to sacrifice brown children for clout. Yes it’s a terrible post, but by the standards of a man who once wrote 11,000 words blaming an autistic child for his own murder it hardly even registers. Finally, pillows are only made by and for posters now:

P.E. Moskowitz wrote a long and thoughtful essay on ADHD, identity formation and capitalism which starts with Jonah Peretti monetizing Deleuze and Guattari and goes on to address a Twitter fight that had people accusing Moskowitz of being a eugenicist. I’m not sure if this is the most “true poster” thing to do or the least, but it’s on the spectrum somewhere.

And Paul Ford, grandposter to us all, filed a new chapter in the book about clocks that he’s been very slowly writing in public since at least 2012.

You’re upside down, Tom.” The Paris Review is hiring a managing editor. If you get the job, tell us how Paris is. McNeilgate isn’t over yet. Ugh. The Wiki entry for “Hustlewave” includes an incredible trigger warning for capitalism (via vibe scholar @doctaj). What was fun to write is fun to read, and Kyle Wilson obviously had a blast creating “The orc daddies of Middle-earth, ranked.” Alex Birsan discovered a flaw in how most software package managers work and hacked dozens of major software companies. And if you skipped every other link today, don’t miss Florida shredder Prince Midnight turning “his late uncle's skeleton into a sick guitar.”

Programming Note: I am headed up to Baxter State Park tomorrow to do a volunteer search and rescue shift over the holiday weekend, so Tabs will be off Monday and Tuesday. If you’re planning to climb Katahdin this weekend, stop by the cabin at the Togue Pond gatehouse and say hi! Otherwise I will be back in your email Wednesday the 17th. Until then, take a deep breath, mute “Bret Stephens,” and watch these birds:

Today’s Song: “Make Everyone Happy/Mechanical Birds” by Modest Mouse

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