Justice for Jorts

Just a list of updates today, basically.

The lowest and most shameful form of content aggregation is linking to Reddit threads. That said: “AITA for ‘enforcing an ethnic stereotype’ by joking that orange cats are often dumb?” The tale of dimwitted orange cat Jorts and his caring but misguided coworker Pam is the only thing you really need to see today. Once you’ve read the initial question please continue to the UPDATE, which is where everyone really loses it. There’s already a twitter account and… it’s not bad? Feels like I just torched several years of credibility in this paragraph.

Other Updates:

Finally: “Every so often, you get a reminder that Weird Sony is still alive and well,” writes Chris Welch in The Verge, reviewing Sony’s new bong.

Today’s Song: Charli XCX, “Good Ones [Perfume Genius Remix]”

~Tabs can only be understood backwards; but they must be read forwards.~ 

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