Intermission 🍿🥤

Let's all go the lobby


I had a lovely vacation. I visited several of Ontario’s beautiful Provincial Parks, I learned how to say “sore-ey” like a Canadian, and I watched an actual falcon turning and turning in a literal widening gyre.1 I was entirely offline for more than two weeks and I feel like my soul has been rinsed in a mountain stream and line-dried in the summer breeze.


I realized during my vacation that I also need some work days without a daily deadline, for Season 7 planning and to take care of life stuff that I never quite manage to do when I could be writing instead.


I’m calling the rest of August an Intermission, and Tabs Season 7 will begin on Tuesday, September 6th. I’ve paused subscription payments, which means that if you’re a paid subscriber your subscription will be extended for two extra weeks. I doubt any of you would demand this, but it makes me feel better so just go with it. I had a nice vacation on your dime, this intermission is on me.

Grab a popcorn and a bucket of soda, visit the restroom, maybe put on some Ambient Scotrail Beats2 and keep an eye out for a forthcoming email about the first ever Tabs t-shirt, “You Can Always Quit.” They’re real, and they’re spectacular. And Today in Tabs will be back for Season 7 starting on September 6th.

As Canadian Slint would have said: I’m sore-ey. And I miss you.

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