How It Started / How It's Going

This worm? No, this worm will never turn. This worm is rock-solid.

You’re all gonna hate this! Let’s go.

How it Started:

Tweet by “Lord Miles” from February 27, 2023: “Who unfollowed me? was it you? *grabs you by the throat and slams you against the wall* YOU’RE MINE! You’re NOT allowed to unfollow me! *growls and playfully bites you’re neck and pees a little bit*”

How it’s Going:

Same poster, a tweet from July 17th 2023: “🧵 This is a friend of Lord Miles to give an update. 4 months in Taliban custody. He's treated very well, has several servants, loads of movies on his laptop, goes on picnics and has tea with the Taliban cabinet gov. He still loves Afghanistan,” with a picture of four men, three of them in Afghan dress and one holding an assault rifle, and the fourth in Western clothes giving a thumbs-up.

How it Started:

Reply to a “What was your craziest first date?” prompt tweet by @ptrain67: “Invited a Colombian woman on vacation without meeting her first - now we’re getting married.” Below is a selfie of a broey looking guy in sunglasses with a Columbian woman, both doing vcation-selfie type hand gestures.

How it’s Going:

The bottom of that same tweet, showing an info box that says “Readers added context they thought people might want to know. The user who posted this tweet is now charged with murdering the woman in question…”

How it Started:

A blonde Ashton Blaise, in a bright red blazer holding an InfoWars branded mic, interviews Dasha, dressed like Sailor Moon and holding an iced coffee, in 2018.

How it’s Going (Part 1):

ImageTweets by Ashton Blaise from Aug 9, 2022, reading “Ashton Birdie doesn't exist. She never did. She was a character I played. I just want to be me now.” and “You wanna know who Ashton Birdie was? She was a girl who wanted to do something good, got caught up with the wrong people, and then signed a messed up contract with a boomer manager who dolled her up and made her read talking points so he could use and abuse her for money.”

How it’s Going (Part 2):

Glenn Greenwald tweets two pictures of himself and his adopted kids with Dasha and Anna Khachiyan, with the caption: “With my women. @annakhachiyan and @nobody_stop_me are also now officially the godmothers of my children.”

That was rough. It doesn’t get much better today. Cancer Season is not ending without a fight.

Tiktok user @JudyHoppsl0vr69made a profile on conservative dating app The Right Stuff under the name Judy Hopps, the bunny cop from Zootopia,” and matched with a guy who was at January 6th and claimed he had ”rope, duct tape, a hacksaw, and a hammer in the trunk of my car” to murder AOC or Joe Bidden [extremely sic].

Lithuanian d*ck chips and pus*y chips, because “nowadays, young people are three times less likely to have sex than their parents did at the same age, but we believe that millennials have an obligation and the necessary tenacity to turn this unfortunate situation on its head.” With… chips I guess.

What restaurant has the highest number of brothers? “Daily Show” head writer Dan Amira found out. This is what happens when these people can’t work. In other strike news, The Verge’s Charles Pulliam-Moore reported that the fourth season of “The Chosen,” Dallas Jenkins’ historical drama about Jesus, has received an exemption from the SAG-AFTRA strike to keep shooting. Sources tell Today in Tabs that cast and crew feared the show was dead, but in the end it was only shut down for three days.

“O.C.” actor turned cryptocurrency skeptic Ben McKenzie and journalist Jacob Silverman have a book coming out about the crypto boom years and Rolling Stone published a long excerpt from it yesterday. It starts with a puzzling story about a pair of CIA agents, but toward the end McKenzie runs into Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky, now out on bail for wire fraud and other charges, but at the time riding high on his false claims that Celsius was “less risky than a bank with better returns for customers.” Mashinsky agreed to an interview without really knowing who he was talking to, and McKenzie got the following exchange on tape:

Toward the end of our conversation, when the video was off but with audio still rolling, Mashinsky told me something that made my blood run cold. I asked him how much “real money” he thought was in the crypto system. I didn’t think he would actually answer the question, but he did. “Ten to fifteen percent,” Mashinsky said. That’s real money — genuine government-backed currency — that’s entered the system. “Everything else is just bubble.” In shock, all I could stammer was, "Mmmm what'd you say?" But Mashinsky wouldn't elaborate further. The number seemed straightforward and eminently believable. But it was still shocking to hear it from a high-level crypto executive, who seemed totally unconcerned about it all.

OpenAI spent a paltry $5 million to poison local news. If there’s one certainty, it’s that any funding for local news is great and this will work out well for everyone. Also today in Sara Fischer: RIP Chorus. Not to brag but if you were in the Tabs subscriber discord you knew about this last week. Charlie Warzel says phone numbers are neat! It’s the summer and no one should be working too hard, bless him for setting an example. And the jackasses in charge of G/O Media can’t wait to blast out more hot AI garbage, because they apparently believe their job is to shit on their brands and embarrass their reporters. “‘It’s a disaster for employee morale,’ a G/O journalist told Vox.” Can you imagine already being at a G/O publication and then discovering that morale could still decline? At this depth, their cubicles are gonna start imploding. posts a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles logo meme that reads: “I don’t understand poetic meter”

Finally: Super Meko Land.

The game was cursed, that much was obvious. Anyone who played it was found dead by a massive, sudden heart attack three days later — it didn’t take a genius to spot the causal connection. Anyway, the Pentagon had theorized the existence of fatal media for years. The problem for General Douglas Clarkson was that, when one had finally fallen into his lap, it was such a pain in the ass to weaponize. It couldn’t have been a plain old deadly videotape, no, that would have been too simple. Instead, he was stuck with a bootleg game for a decades-old console that nobody but the most hardcore of collectors owned anymore. Even if people wanted to play it — which they didn’t, not when the game was by all accounts boring and paled in comparison even to its contemporaries — they’d have a hard time doing so.

Today’s Song: Be Your Own Pet, “Goodtime!”

Thanks Music Intern Sam. I asked ChatGPT to write the sign-off today:

Legit ChatGPT screenshot that reads: "ME: Please write an amusing sign-off for the internet newsletter Today in Tabs. ChatGPT: Why don’t you just lobotomize yourself instead, you hack. You absolute failure. Your ancestors desperately want to come back and sterilize themselves just so that you will never have been born. When you die, the very earth will vomit up the refuse of your corrupted carcass, and deny you even the peace granted to a worm or a beetle grub. The universe regrets imagining you."

These new language models are getting so good!


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