Electrically charged particles proven to attack and eliminate tabs.

Robert Redfield, the Trump Administration CDC Director known for his chinstrap beard and his complete failure to effectively control Covid-19, not in that order, has taken a job at Big Ass Fans, a company that sells a $9,450 fan which produces “electrically charged particles that are proven to attack and eliminate pathogens,” scientifically known as “grifticles.” He joins useless scarf mannequin Deborah Birx in the air-cleaning fraud industry, and both of them follow in the revered footsteps of Acting Attorney General Big Dick Toilets.

What are Creators? “Are artists creators?” asks Kyle Chayka in ArtNews. “Anyone can be a creator... It’s not restricted to a particular kind of content, but rather to who makes it and how it’s distributed.” For example, the NYPD is creating: Fear, by distributing its Boston Dynamics robot police dog in Manhattan public housing. Previously, Boston Dynamics was not happy when MSCHF was creating the wrong kind of fear by distributing paintball guns to its robot dogs, but this? 🔥This is fine.🔥 Workers in Albany, NY’s Corning Tower are creating: Satire, using window shades to edit the “NY TOUGH 🖤” light display that faces NY Gropernor Andrew Cuomo’s office just a… touch. Graydon Carter is creating: Cognitive dissonance, when you look at the $180,000 Fiat 500 Topolino for sale via Air Mail’s online store and recall that he was one of the cofounders of Spy, a magazine that famously once pranked the rich with increasingly smaller checks. The Suez Canal Authority is creating: New Egyptian residents who live on the container ship Ever Given, previously physically stuck and now legally stuck in the Suez Canal until its owners pay $900 million for its unstuckening. The ship is owned by one company and leased by another, and the crew works for a third, so good luck even deciding who is responsible for paying. If you are creating anything, you might need this directory of handy free digital tools by actual Hobbit Everest Pipkin.

Heather Havrilesky is taking her legendary Awl→New York Magazine advice column “Ask Polly” independent on Substack. In this “Why I left New York” post she promises it’s gonna to get real weird, so imagine what that might even look like and then go subscribe.

Katie J.M. Baker tackles the question “why is anti-trans fanaticism so common among upper class UK mums?” in Lux Magazine and comes up with good answers. I mean, it’s patriarchy, of course, but it's well worth reading the how and why.

Previously tabbed indy magazine Pipe Wrench launched with an essay by Breai Mason-Campbell about how:

This pandemic squeezed empathy from a stone by thrusting White people into the uncharted territory of unmerited adversity; plagues, as the Hebrew Bible teaches us, open small windows of opportunity for liberation. Still… White Power may be down, but it’s not out. 

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Intern Pernell is getting ready to open it back up and starting to remember what dating was actually like now that’s it’s almost a possibility again.

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