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Fragments of an Infinite Tab


The moms are not ok, by Jessica Bennett in the NYT. The extremity of failure at every level by those who should be supporting these mothers and their children, from fathers to employers to schools to local, state and national governments, is infuriating. But when the pandemic ends don’t forget that it is only a difference of degree, not of kind, from the normal American failure to support families in general and mothers in particular.



Then again, if the internet is “coextensive with all our mental acts,” that is because it’s so coextensive with the whole internet-connected world that any book about it could not fail to leave out almost everything. Writing about the internet is, in this light, no different than writing about life. And who would ask that a person writing about “life” come at their subject from so many angles?


Samer Recognized A Fart Online. I got about halfway through before losing it completely. Good luck.

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