BookTok and the Flock of Sockpuppets

A trans-inclusive polyamorous supernatural cozy coastal cottagecore mystery.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Senior Correspondent Allegra Rosenberg, but she’s back today with the tale of a popular author’s single-minded but many-sockpuppeted quest to undermine their obvious talent for writing with their even more obvious and ultimately devastating addiction to Posting. —Rusty

It’s a tale as old as time: an internet personality is an asshole, gets cancelled, pops up under a new name claiming to be a different race, is revealed to be the original asshole, is re-cancelled, pops up a third time under two (or three? or four?) different names, still claiming to be a person of color, is investigated and revealed to be the original asshole again, is re-re-cancelled en masse while somehow denying everything. The same old story.

This is the saga that rocked BookTok and publishing Twitter this week, as readers and authors grappled with the unmasking of Freydís Moon, a.k.a. Saint Harlowe, a.k.a. Jupiter Wyse, a.k.a Taylor B. Barton, and that’s only like, half of the aliases they used. 

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