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Where is this thing taking us

I’ve been thinking about this tweet all week:

It’s taking GameStop right to the basement, where we will not find Senvest Management, who bought 5% of the company in October for under $10 a share, and sold for $700 million in profit when Elon Musk tweeted “Gamestonk!!” signaling the natural and obvious transition from pump to dump. But we will find some week-after reëvaluation takes, like Eric Levitz in Intelligencer arguing that perhaps the left shouldn’t rush to adopt Reddit day traders as proletarian paragons. Or Derek Thompson in the Atlantic arguing that perhaps the left shouldn’t rush to adopt Reddit day traders as proletarian paragons. We will also find Team Porntoy [sic], who is definitely not owned, and this First Things take from fascist Alex P. Keaton Josh Hawley which is so profoundly dishonest that someone who declares himself Hawley’s friend tweeted that the Reich-curious Missouri Senator “is lying.”

It’s taking Marilyn Manson even farther down to sub-basement C, where you go when Evan Rachel Wood and numerous other women have called out your years-long pattern of abuse, and you’ve been explicitly cancelled by Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, Trent Reznor, and… whatever level of “not me but believe women though” semi-cancellation this is from ex-wife Dita Von Teese. The best take is from Amanda Petrusich, who writes about the profoundly cisgressive faux-rebelliousness of being a “bad-boy rocker” who abuses women just like his daddy taught him to.

It’s taking me to the Corrections Mezzanine, where reader Sarah Milstein writes in to say:

Not to tab your tabs, but my feminist heart can't rest with the description of the original "9 to 5" song as "working class lament about the bosses stealing the value of your work and ultimately the literal minutes of your life." It was, in fact, the theme song for the movie "9 to 5," which was very explicitly about sexism in the workplace. For example, "They just use your mind, And they never give you credit" -- that's specifically about men stealing women's ideas. 

This delightful TitkTok is more about capitalist bullshit generally.

Sarah is right, I stand corrected and more enlightened.

Last Stop, the Island of Stability: It is as if you were doing work is from 2017 but feels pandemic-fresh to me. Makena Kelly on tinfoil hat Jane Jetson Marjorie Taylor Greene and the “GOP Poster’s Caucus.” Fake Nuns. Today in Brexit: “Well ‘ere it goes look at ‘at lot! Bloody ‘ell.” Journalism jobs. CEO deplatformed. Moe Tkacik on Stephen Miller’s Chinese caviar and “The Lousy Tippers of the Trump Administration.” Top-secret cartoon of ski goggles leaks. Jeff Zucker hands in his ten months notice. Scientists isolate einsteinium as they search for the still-elusive “island of stability,” which: same.

Today’s Song:, “HATE”

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