Under the Thousand Watchful Eyes of Big Potato

New York mayors have always been freaks

In August, a Hamilton, New Zealand couple dug up the world’s largest potato, a blobby 7.9 kilogram spud they named Doug. Incredibly Nick Perry from the AP appears to have gotten a quote from Doug himself:

If they change the story to attribute this quote to someone else by the time you see it, just know it’s because Big Potato (aka “Doug”) thinks you can’t handle the truth.

Isn’t that fun? New Zealand seems nice. In America our environmental regulatory agency has designated “sacrifice zones” euphemistically called “fence-line communities” where large polluters are allowed to poison children, report Lylla Younes, Ava Kofman, Al Shaw, Lisa Song, and Maya Miller for ProPublica. Here’s the map, if you want to see whether you’re being poisoned. But at least we have our freedom, and we don’t have to live under the thousand watchful eyes of… Doug.1 

In the metaverse your body can be anywhere and big corporations will only be allowed to poison your mind, if “one-man The Thick of It episode and Vice‑President for Global Affairs and Communications for Meta (née Facebook) Nick Clegg” has any say, according to Ryan Broderick in a Very Special Garbage Day Report from Web Summit in Portugal:

I’m not sure I could have come up with a better metaphor for where Meta is as a company — or the culture of people who want the metaverse right now — than watching an exasperated middle-aged tech executive have awkward lag problems with his home office set-up while he was obliviously mocked by teenagers.

Ryan also did a thread about how a format-break post like this fits into a high quality ‘slettering experience for both readers and writers. Also from Web Summit: here’s Apple SVP Craig Federighi saying “Sideloading is a cyber criminal’s best friend” as if his company’s flagship mobile platform didn’t have a vulnerability where the “attack is just you’re walking along, the phone is in your pocket, and over Wi-Fi someone just worms in with some dodgy Wi-Fi packets” less than a year ago.

Tabs, But Not In Any Sense Today: Yesterday I attributed the line “What does it all mean?” to De La Soul in the subhed, because I know it best as a sample in their song “The Magic Number.” But the nerds in the Tabs Discord hunted it down through Double Dee & Steinski’s “Payoff Mix” (which De La Soul leaned on pretty heavily) and finally to this 1986 Robert Christgau article from the Village Voice which reveals that the full line, "And say, children—what does it all mean?" is spoken by none other than former NYC mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, reading Sunday comics on the radio during a 1945 newspaper delivery workers strike.

So what does it all mean? New York’s mayors have always been freaks, and according to Choire, the next mayor is:

Hot like John Lindsay, exuberant like Ed Koch, in over his head like David Dinkins, shady like Giuliani, bossy like Bloomberg, and a party-machine manipulator like de Blasio, Eric Adams might have been grown in a lab by New York City.

Get ready for “between one to 16 years” of this:

I guess you can take your paycheck in Bitcoin if you don’t have to pay rent anywhere.

Hypepriests. Out of context Anaesthesia Blues (“people are saying Anaesthesia Blues is not a ‘real tv show’… do not believe their lies”). Jeffy’s rocket store lost its court case and cannibal sunspots menace Earth. Stack Overflow released the only keyboard a programmer needs. “70 people dressed as Despicable Me Minions cheer as Gru arrives.” “Instagram and Twitter finally make link previews work again” now that it’s been nine years and no one cares anymore. Defector’s Laura Wagner needed fewer than a thousand words to explain why the WSJ-hyped Punchbowl is “Just The Same Old Shit.” And the Daily Beast’s Tim Pool correspondent Robert Silverman reports that Pool got Covid:

The virus has been spread to multiple members of his media company, who began testing positive a week or so after Pool hosted a well-attended indoor event at a bar and grill in nearby Charles Town, West Virginia. During the… show, …Pool’s producer gave a shout-out to people who’d refused to get vaccinated, encouraging them to hold fast. The audience cheered her.

Thoughts & prayers.

Today’s Song: Home is Where, “Long Distance Conjoined Twins”

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