Be A Today in Tabs Intern!

Or sponsor one!

The world-famous Tabs intern program began as a joke between me and the original intern (now Tabs Senior Contributing Editor) Bijan Stephen. But it turned out to be so much fun to have another voice in the newsletter and another view of the tabs that it went on to become an actual thing I do for real. Past interns include Vicky Mochama, Karen K. Ho, and Meera Lee Patel. I can’t promise you a successful media career (is there such a thing anymore?), but I can promise that you’ll have your name and work in front of a significant chunk of the media industry, and you’ll end the month better at your craft than you started it.

Prospective Interns: 

The deal is that you write an intern tab every day, Monday through Thursday, April 5th through April 29th. An intern tab is 200-400 words (or thereabouts) on some link or topic of our mutual choosing, and I don’t care what you do with the rest of your time. For this you are paid the princely sum of $1500 U.S. dollars total. I’m especially interested in applications from beginning journalists who could use a wider audience, women, people of color, and (for some reason?) Canadians. Past Tabs interns have gone on to enormous fame and success1 and generally have had most of their problems and anxieties solved by this terrific opportunity.2 Traditionally you graduate by writing a whole Tabs on the last Friday of your month.

To Apply: Email with two (2) sample intern tabs. The first should be an introduction of yourself, and the second should be an example of the kind of thing you would write. Don’t forget that you don’t have infinity words! Try very hard to keep them both in the 200-400 range, and the closer to the low end of that the better. Do me a favor and put "TABS INTERN" in the subject line too. Please don’t ask if it’s ok to apply, or promise me you’re going to apply later, or feel out whether I’m interested in your application! I am! Just apply! It’ll be great, I promise.

If you’re not a writer but have some other craft you think could work, please apply! Intern Meera did drawings, and it was great. I’m pretty open to wild ideas. Surprise me.

Deadline: Whatever applications are in my inbox when I wake up on Thursday, April 1st are the applicants I will be selecting from. It's plenty of time! But don't put it off too long, you know?

Prospective Sponsors: 

I can’t do this on my own! I barely have money to pay myself, so the intern program relies on sponsorship. Your brand and link will appear in a "brought to you by" sponsor area on every intern tab for a month. You will gain the satisfaction of helping a young journalist and the equal but different satisfaction of placing an un-blockable ad in front of Today in Tabs’s large email list of engaged media and technology thinkfluencers. And all this for just $1000, for the whole month! There are two spots available, if you’re a big spender and want to own both for the month, tell me soon! Otherwise I’m looking for two sponsors.

To Sponsor: Just email me at and let’s talk.


By certain flexible standards, in the context of a dying industry.


And/or replaced with a different and higher class of problems and anxieties.